Before and after school program

Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church

BLC at Nokomis Heights is a satellite location serving students from Emerson, Green Central, and other MPS schools. Students ride the bus to and from our location on MPS buses and are met by our staff.

Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church


We have four different sessions throughout the school year: Fall (August – December), Winter (January – March), Spring (April after Spring Break – June) and Spanish Summer Camp (June- July).

BLC offers before and after school enrichment care and classes from Monday through Friday after school until 6 PM. The program creates a bilingual and bicultural environment enriched with academic, interactive and recreational activities for students in PreK through 5th grade. Students can participate in after school enrichment care and/or a variety of classes (see catalog for more information) while they develop social, academic, language and cultural skills.

BLC’s staff is bilingual and bicultural and has extensive experience working with elementary school students in diverse populations. BLC strives to help and support not only students, but the entire community by offering parent and family workshops during the year. Diversity is celebrated and valued at BLC and it prepares our students for lives of social responsibility, active citizenship and academic achievement.

Before School Program

BLC’s morning care program runs from 7:30 - 9:30 AM Mondays through Fridays. Activities include games, physical activities, art and crafts, and homework time. Program must have a minimum of 10 students enrolled to open.

After School Program

BLC’s afternoon care program runs from 2:30 - 6:00 PM Mondays through Fridays. Each day the students are given an after school snack, and activities include games, physical activities, arts and crafts, and homework and reading time.

Enrichment Classes

BLC offers optional classes during our after school program from 4:30 - 5:30 PM. Classes vary by session (fall, winter, spring) and have included cultural cooking, art, guitar, Mexican dance, science, and sports.


We offer many exciting programs throughout the school year, including:

Partnered with Create MPLS.

Students will have opportunities to explore STEM skills in hands-on programs designed to meet their unique learning level and expand their knowledge.

In this class, they will build foundational technology skills, learn teamwork and problem solving, and will be encouraged to become more self-directed learners as they practice critical thinking, collaboration, engineering, and design.

K-12 STEM age-appropriate activities, utilizing, Scratch, LEGO Education products, SPHERO, VEX robotics, and drone building.


K-1st grade: January 9th - February 13th 5 classes
Cost: $90.00


2nd-5th grade: February 27th - March 27th 5 classes
Cost: $90.00

This class allows students to express themselves creatively through art projects. The students will learn various art styles and have a chance to express themselves. In this session, the class will include painting and drawing techniques, as well as other mediums.

January 3rd - March 28th 12 classes
Cost: $240.00

Partnered with Phantom Chorus Theatre.

In this class, students will get a hands-on learning experience with puppetry, mime, and masks. Students will not only be exploring how to perform these different techniques but also how to create their own puppets and masks to use! Students will learn how to manipulate different styles of puppetry, the basics of mime and how to perform with only their bodies, as well as the exaggerated vocal and physical techniques of mask performance. At the end of this session, the students will have a performance showcase for parents. The lesson plan is designed to be inclusive of all ages and abilities. (This session will build on the things we learned in our fall session, but students are not required to attend the previous session to sign up for this one!)


January 4th - March 22nd 12 classes
Cost: $216.00

A great opportunity to learn the game of chess! Each week will be dedicated to learning the rules and strategy and practicing the game. At the end of the class, there will be a tournament where the kids can show off their new skills.



January 5th - March 23rd 12 classes
Total: $180.00

This class offers the opportunity to explore foods from Mexico, Italy, France, and the US. Students will learn and develop basic cooking techniques while they experience the flavors of different cultures. Includes all ingredients and materials.



January 6th - March 24th 10 classes
Cost: $220.00

Registrations Now Open

Summer Camp

During June and July, BLC offers several weeks of all-day camps at Nokomis Heights on Mondays through Fridays. Camp activities include art and crafts, physical activities, reading time, Lego building, outdoor activities and more. Each Friday the students go on a field trip: past field trips have included water park visits, Como Zoo, and nature programs. Students can register for as many weeks as they are interested in.

Little Workers

Early Spanish Literacy Program Preschool

Now accepting Open Registration/ flexible schedule