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Who We Are

Dear friends and supporters of BLC,

The Bilingual Learning Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit enrichment program that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of students and parents alike through before and after school programming for students in PreK through 5th grade. Our program works within the city of Minneapolis with public, charter and private schools. Additionally, BLC is a fully bilingual program (English-Spanish) designed to foster a welcoming, multicultural, nurturing and fun environment, while promoting cultural experiences, a love for languages, successful academics, and leadership opportunities for our students. BLC’s core values are our welcoming environment, equity, responsibility and caring. Our programs goals are to decrease the achievement gap within a dual language immersion setting and to support the exploration of interests and the development of skills and creativity. We also support the needs of working families by offering scholarships to low-income students and by bringing awareness and recognition to the many different cultural backgrounds and traditions represented in BLC.

Thank you for all your support! BLC would not be possible without our amazing community. We look forward to another great year full of learning and fun! Sincerely, BLC Staff.

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We make this place feel like home!

• Bilingual Learning Center (BLC) •

Our Core Values

• Welcoming Environment, Equity, Responsibility, & Caring •


• Vision •

To prepare children from linguistically and ethnically diverse background for success in school and lifelong learning in a global society through after school programming.


• Mission •

The mission of BLC is to foster an enhanced learning environment for children that both honors and celebrates their diversity. Through innovative programming and cultural and language enrichment, BLC provides high quality, nurturing after school enrichment programming for all students.


• BLC •

BLC Bilingual Learning Center is accredited by Minnesota After school accreditation program (MN AEYC -MNSACA) to strengthen and improve the quality after school program for all our children and the community.


• Goals •

• Decrease the achievement gap within a dual language immersion setting to our “at risk” diverse students in grades PreK-5th.

• Support the Exploration of Interests and the Development of Skills and Creativity.

• Support the needs of working families and bringing awareness and recognition to their many different cultural backgrounds and traditions.

We offer many exciting programs throughout the school year

• including •

• Before and after care enrichment programs
• Tutoring programs (Literacy, Math, and ELL)
• Cultural Dance Classes
• Sports (soccer, basketball, floor hockey)
• Art and Crafts
• Science and Nature
• Guitar Class
• Chess Club
• Healthy & Cultural Cooking Classes
• Yoga Calm and Mindfulness
• Tutors/Volunteers from local universities
• Spanish Summer Programs