BLC me gusta mucho – Genesis (grade 2)

I like that we get to dance a lot in Mexican Dance – Shiloh (grade 1)

So happy this program is here! I love the fact my son is safe and learning Spanish. The program is also flexible and meets my family’s needs. Windom/BLC parent

My daughter says she loves BLC snacks. Windom/BLC parent

Me gusta ir afuera y a las computadoras. – Lydia (grade 2)

Me gusta todo porque es divertido – Tirfe (grade 2)

Me gusta la clase de baile mexicano porque la maestra da dulces y me gusta bailar- Sadah (grade 2)

Me gusta estar con mis amigos – Natalia (grade 5)

A mi me gusta la hora de leer y mi clase favorita es arte con Angie – Elin (grade 4)

Yo me gusta BLC porque yo me gusta las maestras- Joey (grade 1)

Thank you for all of the wonderful care you provide our children! Excited to send our daughter to BLC next year!! – Natasha Karn, BLC /Windom Parent

I love BLC and the snacks. I love the support. I love it. Thanks! – Kristine (grade 2)

The BLC staff is amazing! They really care about all of the kids. (BLC /Windom Parent)

The programs at BLC are amazing opportunities for me to let my kids explore art, music, sports and community. The part I appreciate most about the WERC program is the fantastic staff that treats my kids as individuals and pushes them to be their best. – Lisa Naughton (BLC /Windom Parent)

A mi me gusta como enseña, cuida y juegan en el programa de BLC . Tiene muchas ideas para nuestros niños. Muy buen programa y muy buen equipo. Rocio López (Windom/BLC parent)

My daughter Norah is a Kindergartener. From the time she was 2 months old, she was in daycare at a bilingual center where her teachers spoke Spanish most of the time. When she graduated from Pre-K she had no interest in continuing to speak Spanish, which broke our hearts. However after being in an English-only environment for a semester of Kindergarten, she started to realize that being able to speak and understand Spanish was something unique and cool. We never would have been able to sign her up for a class on “Learn to speak Spanish” after school because it never would have held her attention. So when BLC offered fun classes in an immersion setting, it was the perfect answer for continuing her Spanish language skills. We signed her up 3 days a week for Science experiments, Mexican Dance and Cultural Cooking. She had forgotten most Spanish but due to her young sponge of a brain, she picked it up again quickly with the support of a few amigos who help translate. The best part about BLC , though, is the individual care and attention the staff give to each and every student in their care. It is a warm, welcoming, loving environment and its very fun for the kids. When not in class, the kids who want to play can go to the gym, if they want quiet time the media center is the perfect, calm space. There’s also the computer lab. We will be signing Norah up for as many summer camp weeks as possible because she just loves it at BLC! It is definitely the most fun way to learn a new language! I hope more Kenny students will see the value in this wonderful program and take advantage of the offering. Katie (BLC/Kenny Parent)

The entire BLC staff is very dedicated to providing an atmosphere that promotes friendship and creativity. Perfecto for after a long day of academics! – Kara (BLC/Windom Parent)

The staff are awesome and have the best classes – Tigerlilly and Eveline (BLC/Windom students)

We have really loved the BLC program. All the staff is lovely, warm and great with the kids! They have been very flexible and supportive to our family. – Amy (BLC/windom parent)

BLC is amazing. The staff really cares about our kids and I love that. I also love that there is this wonderful mixed-age Spanish immersion after school opportunity. And so many great activities to choose from! – BLC/Windom parent

Something really cool about BLC is that we get lots of care. So nice! I love going outside and lots of other stuff. – Kristine (BLC/Windom Student)

This is really my children’s home away from home and I can’t imagine a better place with better people to take care of them. We love BLC and the love and attention they give my kids. – Laura and Brett (BLC/Windom parents)

Lo que me gusta de BLC es: las maestras me cuidan y me tartan con respeto, amor y son muy amables. Me encantan mis clases. Muchas gracias por todo. – Andrea (BLC/Windom Student)