All Ages

For All Ages


Grades: K – 5th, Beginning and Advanced
Students will learn the basics of playing the guitar, including the parts of the guitar, how to read tablature, basic music reading knowledge, and more. Students who have previously taken guitar will work on applying basic diagrams and tablature, and will work with time signatures, dynamics, melody, chords, and learn more advanced practice techniques. The class will conclude with a public performance. Students must bring their own guitar.



Mexican Dance

Grades: K – 5th
This is a fun-filled session of energetic dance from different Mexican regions. Led by Carmen Casanova, this class helps teach teamwork and leadership while students learn about Mexican culture and have fun! Costumes provided. Groups will perform at the Winter Concert instead of a presentation at BLC.




Grades: K – 5th
In partnership with Hive Martial Arts
Students will learn defensive martial arts techniques that will help them develop coordination to physically control their bodies, along with mental discipline of knowing when to use these techniques. The class will be taught by a professional black belt instructor.



Cultural Cooking

Grades: K – 5th
This class offers the opportunity to explore foods from around the world. Students will learn and develop cooking techniques while they experience the flavors of a different culture. Includes all ingredients and materials.